Jack Edwards for Port of Bremerton Commissioner

About the Candidate

Jack Edwards for Port Commissioner

Experience and Goals


  • Economic Development Manager - City of Bremerton (former). Brought in businesses and created jobs.
  • Board Chairman- Bremerton Chamber of Commerce
  • I have worked with all the Economic Development agencies in the County including KEDA, KADA, KRCC, Chambers of Commerce, Visit Kitsap, etc. 

Wants to build strong economy, create good paying jobs,  provide excellent recreation opportunities and enhance quality of life. WILL NOT VOTE TO RAISE TAXES
Will ensure the Port is accountable-accessible-sustainable. Wants to the Port to be the leader in reducing the amount of toxins that are introduced into the air and water as well as reduce emissions. He is environmentally freindly and hopes to use a more green approch to Port operations, 


Why Jack???

At  young age I was taught the impotance of community. My father was a leader in our local chamber of commerce and a member of our local Lions club. This transformed me into who I am today and why community involvement is so important. 

Jack, Traci, Delia, and Lynk

  I'm running to represent you as the Port of Bremerton Commissioner. I'm passionate about our community and want to do my part. We'll do that by running a transparent & efficient government, investing in our public spaces, and promoting balanced commercial development. Most important, I will work tirelessly to represent you!